Beginners may find difficulties like:

1.Reading from the terminal:

If you’re running a program on the terminal and need an user input, you may need to get it through the terminal itself.

  1. Enumerating in Python:

Python works different from other popular programming languages like C++ and Java. When you traverse an array in other languages, you increment an integer from 0 and access the corresponding elements of the array.

  1. Executing an External Command Through Python
  2. Working with exceptions

Python is an interpreted language, which means that the code is executed line by line. If an error is encountered on a line, further execution of the code stops. However, you can handle known exceptions in Python using the try-except block.

5.Working with modules

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Some other difficulties may include

  • Being interpreted language python is slower compared to other languages
  • lack of input reading function like java
  • With python you will learn programming very easily and faster but not concepts like OOP. you will have to spare some more time for understanding concepts.
  • Not good support for mobile development which is a must thing nowadays.
  • Python is not good for multi-processor/multi-core work.
  • what do you learn from print “Hello world”and cout<<“Hello world”; (do you know that there is concept of object and streams ?)
  • using indented code instead of brackets{} or keywords.
  • Python isn’t the best for memory intensive tasks.
  • Smaller pool of Python developers compared to other languages, such as Java
  • Lack of true multiprocessor support
  • A 3D game cannot be developed in python but can be done in c.

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